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Comin' At Ya

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Mar 27, 2015

Hey True Believers,

As I'm typing this I'm watching Evolve 39 on iPPV via WWN Live on my Roku. This is the biggest weekend in pro wrestling in the world with Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday and many indies are running shows the same weekend. It's so important to support the indies whether it be in music, art, or whatever. That's where the passion is, the stars of tomorrow are and I truly believe that in this age of the internet you now have access to them so much easier than ever before. 

This week's episode is another good one. We've been on a great stretch as of late! We cover wrestling news which I don't think fits into fight news really. What do you think? We have some Bad Advice and we cover some Fight News. I hope you all have a great weekend and if you're watching 'Mania 31 be sure to enjoy the show!

- Kevin HTH

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