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Comin' At Ya

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Jan 20, 2012

Hey true believers! Man, I tell you this week has been plagued by techincal bugs and demons. It seems that every piece of equipment I touch has been having problems. I'm at the point where I think it may be me. Fortunetly, I don't give up easy and although it was a chore to get this episode up, I didn't mind at all because it's a labor of love. On this week's episode The Kidd and I talk about last week's tremendous UFC with alot of strong finishes to fights. We also discuss if some of the recent steroid pops have been due to fighters always trying to cut as much weight as possible. This week's musical guest is Barbarism, from Philadelphia. They're a super raw thrash band that is a great mix of old school meets new school! Remember to please join our mailing list and stay in the know with all things of the show, when bands that appear here are playing and when big fights are coming up. Subscribe, give us a thumbs up, etc and tell you friends we are available on iTunesStitcherBlubrry, and Facebook

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