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Comin' At Ya

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Aug 25, 2017

Hey True Believers,

we are back after a short summer vacation and it's a jam packed episode. Sometimes when we have four or more people in the room at once it can get a little chaotic and it's hard to find a spot to talk. There are some parts in the show that suffer from this but as a whole I thought it was a really fun free ranging list of topics. We covered everything from E.D. to the UFC going through a crisis with Jon Jones. I hope you dig it. We are planning on doing a second show during the week as well. It will only be an audio show and follow more of the original format covering mostly mma, pro wrestling and music. That should allow the video show (which will be released audio as well) to be more personality driven and allow us to cover things that are a bit more topical and pop culture. Have a great weekend everybody!

- Kevin HTH

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