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Comin' At Ya

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Nov 16, 2012

We are back!! After two weeks being MIA thanks in large part due to Hurricane Sandy, your favortie podcast on the interwebs returns! Thank you for all the emails asking if everything was ok. It meant alot to me and thankfully we are ok all things considered. Now, onto some Fight News! This weekend UFC 154 is on PPV. For those of you with XBox Live you can order the PPV through your console in HD for only $39! So look into that if that applies to you. We breakdown the fights on that card and some other news in the world of MMA and much more! I have a couple of big episodes and some special things planned in the near future so stick around. Show some love to our sponsors, this episode is brought to you in part by Resp Tattoo and Mega Break and Muffler. Visit them online at:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe out there the night before!

- Kevin HTH

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