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Comin' At Ya

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Dec 12, 2014

Hey True Believers,

Usually on this space I write some short goofy thing about the show but I wanted to write about some things that have been kind of bothering me the last few weeks. Apparently I'm an aquired taste and I might rub people the wrong way. At first it kind of bothered me. I'm sure you've heard people say they don't care what people think or say about them, and for the most part that describes me but it still sucks to hear it. Anyway now that I've had some time to think about it I've come to the conclusion that easily offended people should be offened...and often. If my language offends you, too goddamn bad. There's no such thing as bad words just bad intentions. If my ideas or opnions on topics such as healthcare or police offend you, too goddamn bad. Everyone is for free speech until they hear something they don't agree with. In this day of ninth place medals, political correctness, and ultra sensitive feelings I have an opinion and a backbone. If it offends you...too goddamn bad. 

Now that I have that out of the way, my friend and fellow podcaster Zach from Memoirs of a T-Rex drops by and we have a cool crossover episode. We've done them before on his show to varrying levels of success so it's only fair he comes on here and has to endure a dose of The Kidd and myself. He's a real good guy and his show is very cool. Check him out at the following links:


                                     Twitter: @MemoirsofaTrex


So anyways, have a good week. I'm going to be off most social media and laying low for the next several weeks. The holidays are always stressful and I need some time to clear my head and hopefully start off 2015 fresh. Be safe out there folks.

- Kevin HTH

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