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Comin' At Ya

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Feb 7, 2013

Hey True bleievers, what's the word? This is going to be a great weekend and so is this week's episode! We have a special guest in with us, Dr. Mindbender is in the studio and he's answering some of our medical questions. They run the gammit of whiskey enimas to std's. Make sure you send in some good questions for him the next time that he is on. 

Of course what would an episode be without Fight News? We cover all the goodness from last week's shocking UFC to this week's upcoming Bellator show. Make sure you also checkout this week's video blog. In it I demonstrate how to apply the feared and famouse Figure Four Leglock! Have a great weekend and be safe if you're going up to the Philly Tattoo Convention. I hear we're supposed to get some nasty weather.

- Kevin HTH

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