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Comin' At Ya

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Feb 19, 2015

Hey True Believers,

this week is a very special episode. We talked a little about these last month, to help fill in some of the gaps between episodes I'm going to start doing one hour radio shows. The Kidd is feeling under the weather so I feel this is a perfect time to do one of these shows. I'll be spining different kinds of music, some metal, some jazz, etc. This week is a mellow show of sorts. Here's the playlist. I highly reccomend you check out some of these artists:

1. Miles Davis - Blue In Green

2. John Coltrane - Naima

3. Grover Washington Jr. - Don't Explain

4. Charlie Parker - Embraceable You

5. Dexter Gordon - I'm A Fool To Want You

6. Duke Ellington - My Little Brown Book

7. Chet Baker - I Get Along Without You Very Well

8. Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves

9. Keith Caputo - Bleed For Something Beautiful

I hope you all have a great weekend and next week we'll be back to our regular show with Fight News and some craziness.

- Kevin HTH

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