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Comin' At Ya

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Mar 16, 2012

Hey there True Believers! I am in the midst of alot of pain. I am sore in every part of my body! I have begun a weight lifting regimine and it hurts like hell! I've been running strong for about nine weeks now and I just started adding weights into the mix. So right now I am tired, sore, but happy to finishing up yet another new episode of Comin' At Ya! This week, Tom Henrock from Filtered HAte drops by the studio and not only sits down and discusses the Filtered Hate reunion, but sits in for the boxing news as well! You can find out more info about Filtered Hate at the following link:

The Kidd calls in and we drink a few beers and shots while we discuss some of the news items in mixed martial arts that caught our attention. One thing in particular is fighters that are constantly complaining and making excuses. So you know we will be talking about the Rampage Jackson situation! Remember to please join our mailing list and stay in the know with all things of the show, when bands that appear here are playing and when big fights are coming up. Subscribe, give us a thumbs up, etc and tell you friends we are available on iTunesStitcherBlubrry, and Facebook. Also don't forget about the official Comin' At Ya Podcast iPhone and iPad app that is now available! You simply go to the iTunes Marketplace and download the free app, Podcast Box. Once it's downloaded search for Comin At Ya and you will see our app. Spring is almost here! Say goodbye to Winter! If you download the app I promise the weather will warm up immediatly. 

- Kevin HTH

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