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Comin' At Ya

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May 22, 2014

Well well well...Hey True Believers! Episode 100!! I cannot believe that we've done 100 of these things! It's surreal to think that some off the wall idea I had has turned into something that I'm still doing almost three years later. It really is cool to know that their are people out there (worldwide) that listen to it too! Mind blowing stuff, well at least to me it is! I just want to thank you guys and gals for listening. We are going to start back up interviewing and local bands and playing their music. Now that my band is playing out I've been more involved in the music scene and I've met and heard some really great bands out there and I think they deserve to be heard. So if you if you know someone that I should check out hit me up and let me know! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend if you're in the States. See you all next week! 

- Kevin HTH


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