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Comin' At Ya

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Jan 28, 2016

Hey True Believers,

it's another episode for you to enjoy for the weekend! Before I talk about today's show please do me a favor: There is a douchebag councilman in Philadelphia that is trying to pass a bill that would force bands playing in Philadelphia to be registered with police and give them your name, phone number and other information! I'm not making this up!! What the fuck?! Please go to this moron's facebook page and express yourselves right here at this link: Fascist

Today on the show my friend Omar Dangerfield from the band Lovey calls in and we have a free form wide ranging discussion that literally connects the dots from Ric Flair to Gangsta Rap, growing up playing rock music and the power of that music and more! Please check out his band at give them a like! They are swell fellas!! Have a great weekend everyone! 

- Kevin HTH

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