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Comin' At Ya

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Feb 10, 2017

Hey True Believers,

things are starting to move in a really good and positive direction in my life: I'm working on my physical health and it's having profound affects on my mental health as well, helping me during what has been traditionally a very difficult time of the year for me. Last week I reunited with my first band, which hasn't played together in almost twenty years! I am so grateful and happy we got a chance to all reconnect and share that moment together! This week's show is a great one! We had not one, but two call ins! Fighting on XCC 27 on February 24th we had Lateesha Mohl and also Kris Gratalo call in and discuss a variety of topics, but in particular their upcoming fights on that card. Also, if you watch the video feed that we broadcast live on Facebook you might see that we are upgrading some things in the studio. Chris decided their should be light!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend! 

- Kevin HTH

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