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Comin' At Ya

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Apr 25, 2014

Hey True Believers, 

well it's Springtime here in the Northeast of the states...well it was for a day or two and now it's back to the cold. I am very much looking forward to the hot weather, it can't get here fast enough! On this week's show The Kidd and I talk about Georgia's new gun laws that are going into effect and we cover some Bellator and UFC in the week's Fight News. At the begining of the episode I talk about how patent trolls are trying to shake down some podcasters, including Adam Carolla stating that they "invented" podcasting. It's an expensive process to fight these clowns in court. Please support this cause! The future of ALL podcasting is in the balance here! Fuck Patent Trolls! Have a great weekend folks! I'll be on my bike and starting a garden!

- Kevin HTH


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