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Comin' At Ya

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Jan 13, 2012

Hey true believers! I hope this week all of you are well! If you are listening to the show the day it is released, then you are listening to it on Friday the 13th!!! I hope none of you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia! For those of you that do not know that is fear of Friday The 13th. See, my show IS informative! Anyway, on this week's show The Kidd and I discuss all the news that happened this past week in the world of MMA, and boy there was alot to cover!! Most people ramble when they're drunk. We do it when we're both stone cold sober. Who knew?! In boxing news I discuss how (big surprise) Manny turned down the fight with Mayweather and how Ortiz is dumb as can be with all the stupid things that fall out of his mouth. 

This week's musical guest is Indefinite Dyad from Philadelphia, PA. They are a great mix of progressive, grunge, and hard rock. They are a new band and already they are laying the foundation for what I'm sure will be a successful carreer. Be on the lookout for them when they start to book shows throughout the Tri-State area this Spring! They kickass and you should check them out at the following links:

twitter: @IndefiniteDyad

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- Kevin HTH

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