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Comin' At Ya

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Mar 20, 2015

Hey True Believers,

this week I don't know where our heads were at! For some reason The Kidd thought it was episode 124 and I thought it was 126. It is in fact Episode 125! I think this is a good episode. It's a little angry somewhere in the middle there when I go off on a rant about Azaella Banks' recent racist comments she made. I don't like stupid racist bullshit like that. After we get that out of the way we cover some Fight News! Who saw RDA doing that to Pettis?! I know we didn't even though The Kidd tried to say he did! Next week we will be doing Bad Advice so be sure to send in some questions to us. Hit us up on our social media or emails. See you all next week and have a great weekend!

- Kevin HTH

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